Chicago’s PrettyLiyah brings a new energy to an ever changing music landscape.

Rising Chicago Artist Pretty Liyah has been putting in work over the last year and its given her and her team the buzz she’s been hoping for. From her witty remixes of major artist songs such as Omeretta’s “Sorry Not Sorry” & Chris Brown’s “Dont Judge Me” to her radio charting singles “It’s A Throw” and “773-212” Ms Liyah is a gem by the likes in which the city hasn’t seen before. You would think this type of heavy grind would be enough.

Official Photo (Pretty Liyah)

However, right when you think she’s done astonishing her fans she pulls another trick out of her sleeve. Headlining the opening act for the WGCI Big Jam along with several other huge acts. The words determined and focused don’t go a long enough way in describing how hard her and her team have worked to get to where they are and are going. Greatness and so much more is in store.

Official Interview (Press Play)

Even on the days she feels like giving up she has a solid machine behind her that won’t let her do it. “It feels so good when you’re performing and fans know every word. It’s like I’m that girl. I’m really that girl.” It’s the moments like this that every artist feels and looks at and says how can I build off of this momentum. Stay focused. Stay diligent. And stay open minded. Anything is possible.

Official Photo (Pretty Liyah)

For more on amazing artists like her and many more visit us on our Instagram “@ Medialeeks.” Visit her Instagram also “@ PrettyLiyah_00”

Official Photo (Pretty Liyah)
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