Chicago’s PrettyLiyah brings a new energy to an ever changing music landscape.

Chicagos Pretty Liyah has been on a straight tear the last year and it has earned her and her team the buzz in the city they had been hoping for. From her witty remixes of Major Artists such as Chris Brown, Omeretta, & PGF Nuk, to her radio chart topping singles “It’s A Throw”, “773-212” & more, Pretty Liyah can by far hang with the best of em. Nothing but greatness is to come from her and her camp and we can’t wait to see it.


Word On The Street!

Word On The Street is Chicago R&B Vocalist Nia Asiel is blazing a new trail in the city. With catchy lyrics and a surprising melodic delivery the “No Phase” performer is turning heads left and right. From the streets of […]