Chicago Native KC King is taking the City’s Music scene by storm.

Chicago Rap Artist KC King is coming for everything they told him he couldn’t have with his latest single “Go Go Go” available everywhere for streaming. With a California vibe and Chicago bounce he captivates his listeners as well as tells his story effortlessly. His latest project out is “Victory” which features the hit single “Way Out” , all of which are available for streaming and download. Music is passion, and there is no shortage of it when it comes to this innovative creator. A role model in his community, his company Chosen Enterprises helps teach other artists about the music industry. Something he feels is the most rewarding. With a strong dedication to inspire those before and after him the “New Whip” performer has his eyes on the bigger picture and he’s not letting anything get in his way.

KC King

Way Out (Official Music Video) Below

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Chicago’s Pharroh Afternoon is turning heads with his combination of elite urban fashion and melodic versatility in music.

Chicagos Rap Artist Pharroh Afternoon is showing his peers he can stand with the best of them. From music to fashion he lets his creativity shine bright. His latest project release titled “When I Got A Degree” tells his stories of college experiences, triumphs, and dedication to push through. Available for streaming everywhere this project offers a look into the mind of a true creative. Creativity has no limits and the “Monday Nights” rapper extends that to his clothing line 12PM. A line that specializes in comfort urban apparel, 12PM is a good fit for the entire family. Fashion and music are the driving force behind these amazing manifestations.

Pharroh Afternoon featuring his 12PM Hoodie Collection Monday Nights (Official Visual)

Download “When I Got A Degree” Below

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West Side Lyricist & Entrepreneur CeCe Bke is inspiring female creators everywhere to stand on their business no matter what it is.

Westside Femcee Cece Bke delivers straight bars in her latest release Goat Talk. Capturing the vision with Sharpest Sniper, she doesn’t disappoint her fans. The “Dummies” Rapper sites women have some of the toughest battles pushing into the music industry and that is what motivates her the most. With an unmatched energy and confidence CeCe Bke leaves it all in the studio with this amazing project. Letting women everywhere who aspire to create know that the world is at their feet.

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Goat Talk Visual Here

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NLM Geno speaks on new music, the state of HipHop, Campaign Music, Artist Development & More

Emcee NLM Geno is climbing the ranks one project at a time. With a hard work ethic and the machine “Campaign Music” behind him there’s no letting up anytime soon. Tap in with all five of his amazing projects currently available for streaming on all platforms. Continue to inspire those around you. Manifest. Tune in to this exclusive as he dives into the state of Rap/HipHop, learning and knowing your part in the music business & industry, Campaign Music, artists development and so much more. Geno doesn’t cut any corners in this one as he touches on each subject thoroughly. With some really solid direction from Mngmnt Don Anderson & GED Empire, we can’t wait to see what Geno comes up with next.

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Full Interview Available
NLM Geno